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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions define how a service contract is implemented betweenHUE Design Studio and its clients.

Interpretation of these terms and conditions:

The company:

HUE Design Studio, Creative Agency
Miami, Florida • Madrid, Spain


The client:

The natural or legal person who receives the company's services.


Acceptance of these terms and conditions by the client:

These terms and conditions are visible from any page on the company's website, and the client must read them carefully. From the moment the client accepts a quote from the company, he accepts that he has read and accepted these terms and conditions, without having to sign them, since the link to these terms appears in all quotes.

The company reserves the right to add, deletenar or modifyar any provision of these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Failure to receive notice of a change to these terms and conditions does not invalidate that change.

Payment of services to the company:

All prices provided by the company arewithout VAT unless otherwise specified.

The price of the services provided by the company is defined in the quote that the client receives by email. The quotes issued by the company are valid for a period of 10 days unless the company indicates otherwise.

After this period the company reserves the right to alter the budget for the same services.

The company reserves the right to alter the budget if the client proposes any type of change or for reasons it deems appropriate, and in any case, a budget has no contractual value until the company and the client formalize the start of the project by means of payment of the first invoice.

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, the company will charge 70% of the total price of the project ordered by the client in advance. The client will pay the remaining 30% at the end of the project, upon delivery by the company of the files for the migration. The company will not start any project until the client has paid the initial 70% nor will it deliver the files for any project until the client has received the final 30% payment.

Delivery times:

The company will agree with the client on delivery times before acceptance of the budget, and undertakes to respect them to the maximum.

For its part, the client agrees to provide the contents of the website (texts, images, videos, graphics, sound files) at the time of making the initial bank transfer with 70% of the total price of the project in advance.

Revisions and Changes:

Unless the company and client agree otherwise,the client will have the right to two revisions of changes in your web project. These reviews will involvesmall modifications (fonts, photographs, inclusion or exclusion of elements, etc.),no substantial design revisions (changes in the structure of the website, layout of the sections, additional programming of web functionalities, etc.)or substantial content revisions (texts, images, etc.).

It is the company that will assess the scope of the requested changes and inform the client if they imply additional dedication that requires an increase in the budget. In the event that the client requests a substantial revision, the company will budget the requested changes and add them to the overall budget, so that the client pays them at the end of the project.

In the case of SEM campaigns,the client will be able to review the performance of their campaign periodically, when the company delivers its quarterly report, or with the periodicity that the two parties agree upon. The client can propose changes to the campaign, which must be accepted by the company. The company reserves the right not to apply the changes that the client requests in the SEM campaigns if it sees that these may affect their good performance. In exchange, the company commits to achieving a higher conversion rate than that achieved by another professional or by the client managing their own campaign.

In SEO maintenance campaigns with content marketing,the client will be able to review the monthly post have the company's professionals write for your blog and correct errors,never propose substantial modifications to the post, which would require paying the amount of two posts. It is necessary to keep in mind that each content marketing professional has their own style that the client cannot change.

Lack of feedback from the client:

The company is a business that to be competitive needs to be efficient. To achieve this, you must ensure that scheduled projects are carried out within the planned deadlines. Sometimes the company may even have to reject budget requests and projects to ensure that ongoing projects are delivered within the agreed deadlines.

The company will not start any project if it does not have the contents in advance well classified and ready for inclusion on the website, unless otherwise agreed with the client or unless the client has contracted the company's content provision services. Clients who hire an SEO strategy for their web projects, for example, must keep in mind that it is essential to deliver the content in advance to be able to plan the web structure and review the most appropriate keywords to position better in search engines.

If at the beginning of the project the client has committed to the company to provide content and it takes more than a week to do so, the company reserves the right to close the project and not return the amount of the initial transfer of 40% of the total.

If, during the development of the project, the client incurs continued delays of more than one week to deliver missing content or review changes, the company reserves the right to impose a 5% surcharge on the final price of the project for each week of delay. If the client continues to incur delays, the company reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the project, deliver it in a file in its current state and pass the client the invoice with everything worked to date.

In short, The client must ensure that when starting their web project they are prepared to provide everything the company needs to efficiently provide its services.or otherwise, don't commit to the company until you are.

Excessive feedback from the client:

The client accepts that the company has various projects underway and therefore cannot provide ongoing feedback, beyond the specific needs that may arise during the project.

On the other hand, the client accepts that, to be competitive in prices and quality, The company cannot meet in person unless the budget includes meetings or agree otherwise with the client. The company prioritizes emails as a means of communication with the client.


If the client requires an additional meeting halfway through the project, the company reserves the right to extend the budget to include the time spent in the meeting or change it to a Skype call or similar, which would also be included in the final budget. if it is not possible for you to attend due to scheduling issues.

Cancellation of a project:

The client has the right to cancel a project, as long as it is done in writing. The company will issue a invoice for the amount of work performed to date of the notification that must be paid by the client before the end of the same month.

Maintenance of the website once delivered:

The company delivers to the client a website in perfect working order, which the client must check at the time of delivery. 

The needs of any type that arise for the client regarding their website after delivery will be budgeted separately. and will be carried out in accordance with the company's availability, including those that are urgent (web server down, slow loading, viruses in databases or others) and those that are periodic (adaptations of the web to new versions of browsers or devices, plugin and software updates, etc.)

This concept also includes updating the website's content manager (WordPress or similar), the plugins used or solving errors that the client has made when modifying their website or in any other way, contact with the hosting provider. of the client in case of a problem or any need that arises after delivery, testing of payments or sending of forms or any concept derived from the operation and maintenance of the website, including advice.

In the event that the client contracts web maintenance services with the company, he has the right to have the company solve the aforementioned needs in accordance with the conditions of the type of service that he has contracted, excluding substantial modifications to the website, which do not are included in any type of web maintenance (see specific conditions of each service).


The company reserves the right to budget separately for modifications resulting from code manipulation by the client or the incompatibility of a new version of WordPress or any other CMS with initially custom-programmed functionalities, as they are beyond the control of the company. company, even if you have contracted the web maintenance service.

Content copyright:


If the company is not contracted to produce content, the client undertakes to provide unpublished content that is their property. The company reserves the right to ask the client for documentary justification of the authorship of texts, photos and videos,and in no case will it use material that is not the property of the client in the development of the web project.

In any case, The client will be responsible for the copyright of the material used on their website against possible requirements from the relevant authorities and will keep the company harmless from possible claims from third parties due to negligence or inability to obtain the copyright of the contents.

Compliance with the LOPD:

The client is responsible for ensuring that their website complies with the Organic Law on Data Protection. The company, upon request, within the price of all projects, will include a legal notice page and a privacy policy page accessible from the bottom of the website, the texts of which must be provided by the client, who will be responsible for its adaptation to the current legislation

Contract Cancellation and Refunds:

Once the server has been hired to work on the Website, which is done immediately upon receipt of the first part of the project, the companywill not issue refunds for payments received since the first parts received will be used in their entirety for said contracts.


The company reserves the right to consider the contract canceled if within a maximum period of 20 days the client does not provide the pertinent and requested information for the development of its project, and does not express interest in completing the contract. Should such times and events proceed,The project must be quoted again and the previous contract will be cancelled.


If the client is aware that they will not obtain the information within that period of 20 days,The settlement of the second part of the quote will be requested to consider the project administratively settled and resume it once complete information is available.

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